History of TMS at Southeastern Psychiatric Associates

Southeastern Psychiatric Associates was formed in 1983 at Carney Hospital in Dorchester by Dr. Dean Solomon. Drs. Leonard Marcus and Gary Warstadt joined in 1989. They formed the core of the practice and have added associates over the years who have since been providing psychotherapy and medication management.

TMS gained FDA approval in 2008, but the technology and the protocols weren’t really ready yet for clinical practice. In 2015 however things had progressed, and the scientific evidence was solid enough, that the three partners attended a conference together in Providence. The research presented there was convincing, and the doctors resolved to make TMS an important component of the services they provided.

They arranged for training with one of the leading researchers in this new field, Dr. Linda Carpenter from Brown University, and soon became the first group on the South Shore to offer TMS. This was a time when even very few clinicians had even heard of TMS or understood it’s potential.

Since then, TMS has achieved widespread acceptance by the medical community. Our doctors have gained more experience, upgraded their equipment, and have continued to run the busiest TMS practice in the area. They maintain the highest standards and insist on the closest medical supervision of the procedure. The addition of the TMS coordinator, Ashley Oliver and technician Julia Foulsham has added more depth and expertise to the treatment experience.

Their success rate is very high and, judging by the positive feedback from the patients they have treated, they have helped many people who had been losing hope return to a happy, healthy, and productive life.

“I am so grateful for TMS treatment. When I started I was in a deep depression, crying most days with little hope. After about 4 weeks I started noticing improvement which continued to develop over the 36 treatments. Today I am happy, hopeful and enjoying the simple things like playing with my kids, eating healthy, engaging in work and important relationships. Colors look brighter and activities are coming back naturally. I am also very grateful to have had Ashley help me along the journey, she has been a caring and supportive part of my treatment.” –Meghan, TMS patient

View more patient testimonials (https://sepatms.com/tms-testimonials/)

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