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Huberman Lab Podcast x TMS Therapy

In this episode, [ Andrew Huberman ] explains the biology, symptoms, causes and types of bipolar disorder (sometimes called bipolar depression).

He discusses neuroplasticity and how the brain normally regulates mood, energy, and perceptions; then, he contrasts that with the biology of bipolar disorder, which is characterized by extremes of energy and mood, e.g., mania and depression.

He outlines the mechanisms through which bipolar disorder manifests in the brain, including deficits of interoception and reduced connections between the parietal and limbic systems.

He also discusses the treatment of bipolar with ketamine, different talk therapies, electroconvulsive therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and nutraceuticals, including Omega-3 and Inositol supplementation.

This episode should interest anyone who has or knows someone with bipolar disorder and, more broadly, those interested in how the brain works to create a balance between thoughts, energy levels, focus, and mood.


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