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Huberman Lab Podcast With Dr. Nolan Williams

Here is a wide ranging discussion between Andrew Huberman and Dr. Nolan Williams, a leader in the field of depression treatment from Stanford:

The talk goes from TMS, to other forms of brain stimulation, to ketamine and psychedelics.

Dr. Williams has pioneered the SAINT protocol, a cutting edge method of using a specialized form of MRI (functional connectivity MRI, or fcMRI) combined with 10 "theta burst" TMS treatments a day for 5 days. The results so far have been stunning; up to an 80% remission rate in 2 studies! If these results hold up, that would make it better than any existing treatment for depression. Period. The usefulness of the MRI component is still controversial, and may not be necessary. The protocol is now FDA approved, but insurances are not yet covering it. Southeastern Psychiatric Associates is very excited about SAINT and are getting close to being able to offer it. We will update you as soon as it is available.

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